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Time to improve technology in coal-based industries: BHEL chief
The time has come to look for ways to improve technology in coal-based industries as India is having more than 70% coal-based power stations, a situation that would continue for at least the next 10 years, said A V Krishnan, the executive director of BHEL Trichy. Read More. 
RoE cannot be adjusted against power subsidy: PSERC
In a significant decision, state power regulator PSERC has disapproved Punjab government’s proposed move of “adjusting Return on Equity” against power subsidy, saying it is not in accordance with the law laid down in the Electricity Act, 2003. Read More.
Will power sector report card brighten govt’s re-election hopes?
What is the state of the power sector as Power Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia prepares to present his report card on Thursday (January 16), the last one before the general elections in May?
First, the good news. Today, the country has an installed capacity of 229.5 GW with all the four grids synchronized. Read More.
Power sector can sink the economy sans reform
The power sector is in crisis, thanks to misplaced priorities and opportunism in policymaking, particularly at the state level. Two decades after tentative reforms and opening up in the sector, policy stays fixated on generation capacity, never mind huge revenue leakage in power distribution, lack of capacity in transmission and avoidable , policy-induced shortage of coal and gas.  Read More.